Cracks in the sun 

Reflecting broken land

Cracks in the air 

Like sharp pices in sand

Whispers in the air

Screaming shouting madly 

They make it crystal clear

As they reprimand you harshly 

Dont you dare want

What can never be

Dont you dare wish 

To be something like free 



Here lies a pit of darkness.

Here rots astounding badness .

This we should burn

And this we should break

And this we should punish

Give only more pain

Here beats a heart of black

Which shouldent be here at all

Here turns the fire into ash

Lets kill this monster whole


Burning fever 

Wont control

The death inside

Crashing systems 

Wont compell

The urge to hide

For as of now

I am still alive

Yes maybe tomorrow 

I will go away

Or worse yet

Stay and live in pain 

But for once in a lifetime

I dont need hope

I only need now

As my safety rope


Nonsense is beautiful 

Yet meaningless emptiness 

Is so constantly ruined 

With ignorant expressions 

Of complex perpose 

Meaning only to defend

The incapability 

To be


Beeing alive

Is killing me

So violently 

That I wonder why

Life dosent even 

Want me to be here

While death just wont

Let me in 

Every breath

Is poisoning me

Desperately trying

To kill me to pieces

And you are thinking

That i talk to much

Of death

But i wont stop

For i am so completely 


With life


What sence does it make 

This breath is one i did not take

I dont know who it is you se

I promise you it is not me

I should not be alive at all

I saw the cliff and took the fall 

I should by now 

Be completely dead 

But my words in your head

Are here instead